Fast and easy to use

The device is delivered with an adjusted amount of material.

The AIRO2 box is carefully designed with vents, that enable the distribution of the material in space of the room ,is supplied in sachets of Clo2 wrapped in aluminum; the number of bags in the package is determined according to the volume of space we want to disinfect and purify.

Put the material into the AIRO2 box

Cut the top of the aluminum cover, Remove the sachet with the CIO2 pellets from it, Put the bags with the balls in the box,
A sealed aluminum bag is valid for two years.

Attach it to one of the air vents

Look for a place next to the air suction unit and attach the box to one of the air vents using the double-sided glue sticker on the back of the box. Attach the other side of the sticker to the vent opening.
The bags of material have an effective lifespan of two months.


The tiny chlorine dioxide particles spread throughout the room thanks to a stream of air coming out of the air conditioner and thus they disinfect the environment, causing the extermination of all harmful organisms present in the air and thus also eliminating unpleasant odors.